Longed For Change

Text: Mark1:14-20

Many of us long for change usually because Life has a way of beating up on us. We are currently facing a serious pandemic and also economic uncertainty. Currently many of us are experiencing stress and anxiety in our lives. When we declare with sincerity and faith, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,” the correct course of life is set.

A change in a Regime for some people elicits bad vibes. However, for many people in different countries they long for a change in a Regime. Regime change is what is meant by the kingdom of God. It is a longed for event (not a place or an ideal), the coming of God to overthrow corrupt rulers and the spiritual forces behind them to put an end to suffering and to swallow up death itself in victory (Isa.25:7, 8 1 Cor15:54). As such, it is definitely good news (gospel).

God’s demand of the kingdom is graphically illustrated by the call of the first disciples. Three things bear noticing. First, they are called into a personal relationship with Jesus, not simply devotion to a cause. Second, they are to place this relationship above all other sources of security or worth, in one case daily work, in the other family solidarity. Third, they are called to be actively engaged in bringing other people to share in the patient endurance that is ours in Jesus (Rev.1:9).

God’s Kingdom starts in our hearts which enables us to fulfill His will in our lives. When we fulfill God’s will in our lives His Kingdom operates on earth. Therefore, the deeper meaning Jesus was trying to teach us is that just as God’s will is done in Heaven he wants us to fulfill His will on earth so that we can experience His Kingdom in operation now.

Jesus said in John10:10 that He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Abundant life is living a life operating in the will of God in order that His joy and His peace can operate in all of the situations that we will face in this life.

Therefore, let me ask you this question. Do you recall how Jesus’ call first came to you? How has your understanding of God, His call and purposes for you grown since then?

A good prayer for today is, ‘Lord I pray today that your Kingdom will come and Your will be done in myself, my family, my church and my Nation.

God Bless

Bro. Victor Bonett